Friday, May 13, 2005


Cowardice is a dangerous thing. It allows other to control at a time when they should be fought. I hate cowardice. Especially in the face of tyranny. The St. Tammany Home Builders Associations has allowed their cowardice to come to the fore. They bathe in it. They dress in it. They cloak themselves in it. They have allowed their cowardice to destroy their livelihood. When their eyes are finally opened to their own duplicity and stupidity, it will be too late. Their cowardice has coronated a lowly servant and raised him to the level of king.

I vow to fight until I have no more breath in me. Let this be a warning to King Kevin Davis. Your time as Parish King President is limited to the time you have left in office. It will be my goal over the next three years to find and support someone to defeat you. It will be my pleasure to plot the overthrow of your dictatorship. Enjoy the next three years because your reign ends soon.